DXB Adventure

Sharjah being one of most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates is often visited by people coming home to their families. This calls for a vacation, and we all know, it’s not a vacation if it does not have trips like that of Desert Safari Sharjah that are filled with thrilling adventures!

Desert Safari trips can be filled with fun activities, so let’s take a look at the activities offered here at Desert Safari Sharjah.

Fun Activities at Desert Safari Sharjah

–      Sand boarding over sand dunes can be one of the most entertaining activities! Strap your feet on to the boards and off you go! Don’t worry about falling over, the sand is there to catch you and you will not hurt yourself.

–      Camel riding with a view is the best form of camel riding. Enjoy the camel rides with the view of the sun setting! This could be a refreshing experience for you, forget your worries and ride into the sunset.

–      Quad biking will definitely trigger your inner child to come out and this is an activity you cannot say no to! Put on your protective wear like gloves, sunglasses, and jackets before sitting on your quad bike / ATV, and you’re good to go!

–      Dune bashing is something you cannot pass on from. Ride away in a 4×4 vehicles, drawing that sand outward! This might be the coolest of all activities!

–      Sunset photography are the two magical words that everyone wants to hear. The sunset already being so pretty can make your pictures even more aesthetic!

–      Falcon photography just might light up your mood! Don’t be scared at all because the trained falcons will sit on your shoulders at just a tap and you will not feel a thing! Pose freely and click!

–      These aren’t the only photography options here though, grab your traditional costumes, try them on and pose in them as well! You never know what can suit you the most!

Now that we have talked about the activities at Desert Safari Sharjah, you may be thinking. All these activities back to back might be exhausting, how do we fuel up? Don’t you worry, let us do the honors of telling you just how you are going to sit back and relax and you won’t be bored doing that here either!  So let’s talk about some relaxing activities at Desert Safari Sharjah, where all you have to do is sit back and watch!

More activities at Desert Safari Sharjah

–      Watch the amazing artists show off their talent at the henna painting activity, henna painting can be a pretty engaging activity for kids and women! Get yourself a henna tattoo while watching your favorite live shows!

–      Belly dancing shows live can really make you want to groove to it as well, enjoy the show while sitting back and relaxing!

–      Fire shows can be really thrilling and watching them live is the most amusing thing ever! Watching the fire come out of their mouths and performing stunts with it is an art on its own!

–      Move along the Tanura shows as the dancers groove to the Arabic music with their huge skirts!

–      The list of entertaining shows just doesn’t end here! Stickman at Desert Safari Sharjah are present to entertain your kids as well! No person will feel left out, whether you are 4 years old or 40 years old! Entertainment for all!

We have talked about all the exciting activities and how you can relax on your trip as well, let’s move on to something I think most of you might be looking forward to a lot. The food and beverages! Have a look at what you’re going to have for your meal!

Refreshments at Desert Safari Sharjah

–     Staying hydrated should always be everyone’s first priority and the management at Desert Safari Sharjah will make sure you stay fresh as you get an unlimited supply of water, soft drinks as well as Arabian tea coffee is a must have especially when you’re visiting Desert Safari Sharjah, chilling in the desert camp.

–     Now we know that having beverages alone will not seal the deal, but we’ve got you covered! You will be provided with delicious barbecue options at Desert Safari Sharjah, that range from vegetarian options to non vegetarian options as well, no one is going back home with an empty stomach!

–     The option of Hubble Bubble smoking or as we call it Sheesha is present here as well. They really give you the whole deal, don’t they!?

 These activities might really make you want to book your trip to Desert Safari Sharjah right now, but you might procrastinate by over thinking the expense, but that’s where we come in! Let’s talk about some deals that will get you the best of all activities and refreshments at a really affordable price as well!

Deals for Desert Safari Sharjah

–      Activities like camel ride, Dune bashing, Sand boarding, Henna tattooing, Belly dance, Fire show, Tanura show, Hubble bubble smoking, Barbecue and Arabian dress photography all for the price of AED 40 only! 

–      Adding a bus pickup from centralized points, to the activities above can take your total up to AED 55, and a door step pickup offer will take your total up to AED 90 per person.

–      More offers including activities like Quad biking / ATVS, Sand boarding, Dune bashing, Sunset photography, Belly dancing, Tanura show, Unlimited refreshments, Henna designing, Camel riding, Fire show and a barbecue can cost you from 165 AED to 199 AED per person, depending on the activities you choose! Keep in mind, you will be provided with pick and drop from your residence / hotel and to the Desert Safari and back! This trip will start from 3:00pm and end around 9:00pm. 6 hours of unlimited fun!

So what are we still doing here? We say you go online and book the nearest date for your trip to Desert Safari Sharjah! We know that you will not regret your trip there, for sure.