Desert Safari

desert safari in dubai

Calling All Tourists - Dubai's Desert Safari Await You.

desert safari
dubai desert safari
dubai desert safari
desert safari in dubai

Are you ready for an Exciting Dubai Desert Safari Adventure? 

DXB Adventure offers a wide range of desert safari escapades that fulfill every traveler’s desires. Whether you’re an early riser and crave a peaceful desert sunrise or prefer an evening or overnight adventure, our fun activities will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Leaving Dubai without experiencing its main tourist charms? Impossible! Take a Tour with us, and we guarantee thrilling adventure and mesmerizing scenery to take your breath away.

Luxury, Privacy, and Affordability: we aim to deliver the best Desert Safari Adventure in Dubai to all. 

If you’re a daredevil, we have Dune Buggy Safari, Quad Biking, Hot Air Balloon Safari, and Skydiving that promise thrills. Nature lovers can explore the Hatta desert, observe the local wildlife and flora, or enjoy a delightful picnic and BBQ atop Hatta Hill. 

Join us on an energizing desert safari adventure, where you’ll witness breathtaking sunsets and learn about the rich desert culture. And take part in enjoyable activities like Camel Trekking and heart-pounding dune bashing. 

So, are you in for the fun?!

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Choose Your Desired Desert Safari Package

DXB Adventure offers different desert safari packages such as morning, evening, and overnight desert safari in Dubai and other cities like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah etc. Choose the package below that best fits you.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

A Morning Desert Safari is the perfect way to start your day in Dubai. After witnessing the calm beauty of the desert sunrise, you'll be whisked to thrilling activities like dune bashing, camel trekking, and sandboarding, creating lasting Dubai memories. You have the flexibility to choose among the affordable Advance, Premium, and Sunrise Packages, each promising the best desert tour experience.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari

As the sun sets, Dubai Evening Desert Safari lets you feel the desert under the soft, warm glow of twilight. The evening adventure offers thrilling activities like dune-bashing rides, captivating performances, and a barbecue dinner, all under the starlit Arabian sky. You have the flexibility to choose among the Basic, Advance, Advance VIP, Premium, Premium VIP, and Private Safari Packages.

Overnight Desert Safari

Over Night Desert Safari

For a deeper desert connection, an overnight desert safari is the best choice. Spend a night in the VIP Bedouin-style tents gazing at the stars. Enjoy the best Photography, delicious dinner, Snacks, Sheisha, and Fire shows & partake in live performances and cultural activities. Wake up to the beautiful desert sunrise and a wholesome morning breakfast, creating a truly magical experience.

Creating Memories: Top Activities on Dubai's Desert Safari

Hey, Adventure Lover! Here are your Dubai Safari Must-Dos. Bursting with excitement and loads of fun, we offer an ultimate escape from the everyday ho-hum. Witness the beautiful desert sunrise and dive into thrilling activities that will get your heart racing.

Dune Bashing

Hold on tight for the ride of your life! For Dune bashing, skilled drivers take you on a wild journey across the rugged desert dunes in a 4×4. It’s like a desert-themed amusement park ride.

Sand Boarding

If you’re a fan of snowboarding, you’ll love sandboarding. Glide down the soft sands of the dunes on a sandboard, experiencing a unique adrenaline rush that only the desert can offer.

Belly Dance

The desert’s cultural delights! Enjoy a mesmerising belly dance performance, a traditional art form deeply rooted in the heart of the desert. You might even pick up a move or two.

Henna Tattoo

The traditional henna design is an art form cherished by all desert visitors. It is a must-try activity for those looking to add a touch of desert beauty to their journey.

Camel Riding

Feel the desert as the Bedouins have for centuries. A camel ride offers a unique perspective of the desert, with a chance to learn the vital role these magnificent creatures play in desert life.

BBQ Dinner (Campsite)

All desert safari needs a classic Arabic BBQ dinner in a Bedouin-style campsite. Delight in a delicious feast surrounding traditional entertainment and decor. It’s a taste of authentic desert hospitality!

The Dubai desert is a vast and enchanting landscape, offering visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. From the thrilling dunes to the serene oasis, there is something for everyone in the desert.

Our desert safari tours are the perfect way to experience the best of the Dubai desert. We offer a wide range of tours to choose from, catering to every interest and budget. From the serene beauty of a Morning Desert Safari that begins the day with the warmth of a sunrise to the thrilling Evening and majestic Overnight Desert Safari – We offer a unique connection with nature.

Our desert safari tours typically include:

  • Dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Camel Trekking
  • Sandboarding
  • Traditional Emirati dinner and entertainment
  • Stargazing

We also offer a variety of other activities, such as quad biking, hot air balloon rides, and cultural experiences.

DXB Adventure offers you both luxury and excitement. Our Private Desert Safari tour is designed to provide an exclusive journey into the Arabian dunes in style and comfort. Every moment is tailored to your preferences!






(Or Additional Payable)

We offer a desert safari tour that doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket. At DXB Adventure, we are committed to providing exceptional experiences at prices that suit every traveler’s budget.

Choose from various Desert Safari Dubai packages to accommodate diverse preferences and budget constraints.

Desert Safari Cost Breakdown:

Our desert safari ticket prices start as low as AED 150 per person. Here’s a breakdown of our desert safari costs:

Morning Desert Safari: Starting From AED 150 per person

Evening Desert Safari: Starting From AED 99 per person

Overnight Desert Safari: AED 1000 per person

Self Drive Desert Safari: Starting From AED 40.

Additional Fees and Charges:

Our Desert Safari Dubai cost may vary depending on your specific package and the extra activities. Some additional fees and charges may include:

Quad biking: AED 100-200 per person

Camel riding: AED 50-100 per person

Sandboarding: AED 20-50 per person

Note: DXB Adventure offers special discounts and promotions regularly to enjoy the desert safari in Dubai at even more affordable rates.


Do you have any questions about Desert Safari Dubai? We’ve got answers!

You can book online through our website or drop a call at +971551017722. When booking, be sure to learn about the different activities and packages offered to choose the one that best suits your interests and budget.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is ideal for a desert safari. You’ll want to be able to move freely, so avoid wearing anything too tight or restrictive. Wearing long sleeves and trousers to protect yourself from the sun is also a good idea.

Desert safari camps are usually located 42-60 minutes outside of Dubai. The exact distance depends on which camp you choose.

The safari desert is located just outside Dubai City in the United Arab Emirates. It is a vast area of dunes with a few scattered oases.

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide fantastic desert safari experiences. Dubai desert safaris are typically less expensive and include various activities, such as dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, and belly dancing. Desert safaris in Abu Dhabi generally are more costly, but they also provide a more luxurious experience, with more upscale camps and dining options.

The cost of a desert safari in Dubai depends on your chosen package. A basic to VIP desert safari tour will cost you between AED 150 and 700 per person.

The winter months (November-March) are ideal for a desert safari in Dubai because the weather is mild and sunny. Summer months (April-October) can be scorching, so it is best to avoid Desert Safari Adventures during this time of the year.

Shorts are permitted in the desert safari camp. However, long trousers are recommended for activities such as dune bashing and camel riding to protect your legs from the sand.

Most desert safari tours last around 4-6 hours. This includes the pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, the desert activities, and the dinner and entertainment.

DXB Adventure restricts carrying food items to the Desert Safari.

Yes, all desert safari camps have restrooms. It is important to note, however, that the facilities may be basic.

Yes, desert safaris are appropriate for children of all ages. However, it is critical to select a tour package that provides activities suitable for your child’s age and interests. Children aged 3 to 11 must, however, be accompanied by an adult during the camel and dune ride experiences.

Here are a few things you can do before your desert safari:

  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • Wear sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Bring a hat and a water bottle with you.
  • If you overeat before the safari, you may become ill while dune bashing.
  • Please notify your tour guide if you have any medical conditions.

Summers in the desert can be extremely hot. Most desert safari tours, however, take place in the evening when the temperatures are cooler. If you’re worried about the heat, opt for a morning desert safari tour or one that includes a more luxurious camp with air conditioning.