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Dhow Cruise Dubai Will Take You On A Magical Voyage!

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Step aboard a traditional Arabian boat, the Dhow, and let it sail through the glistening waters of the UAE. The Dhow has a rich historical charm. It was initially used for trade and sea voyages in the UAE. Today, these beautifully renovated ships offer a unique perspective on Dubai’s stunning skyline.

Dhow Cruise offers more than beautiful scenery. It gives you a Sensory Delight. Imagine cruising the creek between the dazzling lights and being offered a delicious dinner during the enchanting evening with live entertainment for your whole family. Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Seize the opportunity to blend peace, romance, adventure, tradition, and modernity against Dubai’s iconic skyscrapers. Our professional team ensures an affordable and comfortable experience aboard our spacious Dhows. Take advantage of this chance to make an ordinary evening extraordinary. Book your cruise today and set sail for adventure!

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Discover Dubai's Waterways: Dhow Cruise Creek, Marina and Musandam

Dhow cruises offer an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. It provides a unique perspective on Dubai’s rich heritage and vibrant culture. However, with two different dhow cruise options – Dhow Cruise Creek and Dhow Cruise Marina – selecting the right one can be difficult.

Dhow Cruise Creek

Dhow Cruise Creek

A Journey Through Old Dubai
Dhow Cruise Creek represents Dubai’s soul, where its heart beats. The Creek, a natural saltwater inlet that bisects Dubai, is lined with souks, landmarks, and ancient architecture. Dhow Cruise Creek highlights the city’s evolution from a pearl-diving village to a global hub of commerce and innovation.

Dhow Cruise Marina

Dhow Cruise Marina

Glance into Dubai's Modern Marvels
Take a Dhow Cruise Marina to see the lavishness of Dubai. This contemporary marvel is home to tall skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, & expensive yachts, creating a symphony of lights over the Dubai Marina skyline. With many bonding, romance, or relaxing options, the Marina Cruise is made to please everyone.

Dhow Cruise Musandam

Dhow Cruise Musandam

The Hidden Gem of Oman
The northernmost tip of Oman hides a gem called Musandam. It has an untainted coastline, clear waters, and a rugged terrain. Musandam is renowned for The Khors. These fjords are a haven for divers due to the variety of marine life. The coastline has traditional villages showing their rich history & customs.

Dhow Cruise Creek vs. Marina vs. Musandam

Both Dhow Cruise Marina and Dhow Cruise Creek routes offer captivating experiences, but each bears its unique charm. The choice between the two depends on your preferences and desired immersive Dubai experience.






At DXB Adventure Dhow Cruise: Your Event, Your Way!

We at DXB Adventure provide more than just a cruise; we offer the chance to transform any event into a remarkable, lasting memory. We extend our hospitality to accommodate a variety of events in addition to the standard day tours, making every moment exceptional with a dhow cruise.

Special Occasions

Create treasured memories for any event, including birthday parties, baby showers, academic celebrations, and corporate get-togethers. You can also bid farewell or extend a warm welcome in this unique setting.

Romantic Evenings

Our cruises create the ideal vibes for love to blossom against the captivating backdrop of Dubai’s waters. Whether you want to celebrate anniversaries, wedding parties, or romantic treats, we’re here for you.

Business Gatherings

Raise the bar for your company celebrations, seminars, and executive meetings. Our cruise fosters a thriving environment. Turn your business gathering into an experience that promotes collaboration & success.

Customized Just For You

Have complete control over your planned event. Everything will be as you desire, from picking your favorite music to setting up indoor games, particular food, and specific timings in the Morning or Evening.

Choose From Exquisite Packages Tailored To Your Specific Needs!

Discover Dhow Cruise Dubai’s charms with packages designed for all types of adventurers. Explore stunning photos, find our prime location, and read rave reviews to get a taste of your magical voyage. The package’s prices, timings, and offers depends on trips and location. However, you can overview it below, and for more details visit its specific page.

Dhow Cruise Creek

Enjoy a delightful Dhow Cruise along Dubai Creek.

  • Starting from AED 60.
  • Children under 3 are free.
  • Indulge in welcome drinks,
  • 2 hours of cruising,
  • live entertainment, and an international buffet dinner.


Dhow Cruise Marina

Cruise through the stunning Dubai Marina on a Dhow.

  • Starting from AED 160.
  • Complimentary for children under 3,
  • featuring welcome drinks,
  • 2 hours of cruising,
  • live entertainment, and an tasty buffet dinner.


Dhow Cruise Musandam

Experience the magic of Musandam on a Dhow Cruise.

  • Starting from AED 230.
  • Kids under 3 go free.
  • Revel in welcome drinks,
  • 2 hours of cruising,
  • live entertainment,
  • international buffet dinner, and other fun facilities on the upper deck.


Sunset Cruise

Evening Dinner Cruise




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A dhow cruise promises a fantastic experience, whether looking for a peek at Dubai’s modern heights or a taste of its rich heritage. The Dhow Cruise Creek is the best option if the charm of old Dubai and its alluring fusion of modernity and tradition appeal to you. However, if you find the city’s evolution into a global metropolis fascinating, the Dhow Cruise Marina’s contemporary marvels and architectural wonders will enchant you.

There are many excellent dhow cruise options in Dubai. Still, some of the most popular and highly rated include:

  • Alexandra Dhow
  • Cruise Dubai Marina
  • Oberoi Dhow Cruise
  • Falcon Oasis Dhow Cruise
  • Jannat Dhow Cruise
  • Lotus Cruise Dubai.

These cruises offer a variety of options, such as dinner cruises, sunset cruises, and private cruises. They also have different styles and themes, so you can choose one that fits your interests.

Smart casual is usually the dress code for dhow cruises in Dubai. You can dress in trainers, jeans and a nice shirt. On the other hand, it’s best to stay away from anything too provocative or revealing. Dressing a little more might be a good idea if you are going on a dinner cruise. Wear a button-down shirt, trousers, or a lovely dress.

There are a few different ways to book a dhow cruise in Dubai.

  • Book online through the website
  • Book through a tour operator
  • Book directly with the Dhow cruise company

Dhow Cruises offers an amazing opportunity to see Dubai from an entirely new angle. They provide a fun and leisurely way to take in the skyline and landmarks of the city. Live entertainment and a traditional Arabic dinner are also included in the cruises.

A few things make dhow cruises special:

The Traditional Dhows: Dhows are traditional wooden boats used in the Arabian Gulf for centuries. They offer a unique and authentic way to experience the region.

The Relaxing Atmosphere: Dhow cruises are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Delicious Food: Dhow cruises typically include a traditional Arabic dinner. The food is prepared with fresh, local ingredients and will tantalize your taste buds.

Live Entertainment: Dhow cruises also include live entertainment, such as traditional Arabic music and dance.

In a nutshell, at the appointed departure point, you will receive a warm welcome along with refreshments like Arabic coffee and tea. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city’s skyline and landmarks as the dhow floats along the Creek or Marina. Savour a delicious dinner of grilled meats, rice, and hummus, a traditional Arabic meal. Live entertainment featuring traditional Arabic music and dance brings the evening to life. Your fascinating cruise will come to an end when the Dhow makes its way back to the starting point. Remember that specific plans might change based on the cruise you select.