Dunne Buggy Safari

Dune Dash: Unforgettable Buggy Rides in Dubai

Do you want to experience the excitement and beauty of the Arabian desert? Are you looking for more than just promises and average service? At DXB Adventures, we’re all about giving you tours that exceed what you expect, with top-notch quality and pure joy.

Find your adventurous spirit on a fun Dubai dune buggy safari in the beautiful Dubai Desert. Our awesome facility has strong dune buggies ready to take you on an exciting journey through the sandy dunes.

Our fleet at DXB Adventures is the best out there – well-maintained and ready for an adrenaline-filled desert adventure. So, are you ready to take on the desert in this powerful, safe, and thrilling experience?

Our Dune Buggy safari is where the fun never stops. Our powerful 2000cc 4×4 transfers provide a strong and dynamic ride over the breathtaking desert scenery. The thrill of sandboarding will bring an added dimension of excitement.

Our self-drive option is the best Dune Buggy experience in the UAE. It offers an adrenaline-pumping thrill for everyone. Our Dune Buggy services guarantee an amazing desert adventure for all thrill-seekers, with rides fit for all skill levels.

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Dubai Dune Buggy Tours Packages

Can-Am X3

AED 1800


Maverick R-Private

AED 3500


The Lone Ranger

AED 1500


Can-Am X3 (Group/Family)

AED 2800


Can-Am X3 (Early Bird)

AED 1700


Can-Am X3 (Night Raid)

AED 1700



Know This Before Your First Skydive!

  1. Good physical health.
  2. Avoid if pregnant or with heart conditions.
  3. Wear comfortable, breathable clothes and closed-toe shoes.
  4. Required Age is 16+ years.


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Do you have any questions about Dubai Adventure? We’ve got answers!

The minimum age for dune buggy driving in Dubai is usually 16 years old. Some operators may let younger passengers in the rear seat with a responsible adult, but adults are responsible for driving.

DXB Adventure provides comprehensive safety briefings and supplies helmets and seatbelts. We also prioritize experienced drivers who handle the dunes safely.

Comfort and sun protection are essential! Wear breathable clothing and comfortable closed-toe shoes. Avoid loose scarves or jewelry that could get caught in the wind.

Most dune buggies in Dubai seat 2-4 people, depending on the model. Some offer family-friendly options with larger capacities.

Both provide exciting thrills! Dune buggies offer a safe, enclosed ride with panoramic views and exhilarating dune bashing. Quads provide a more personalized, adrenaline-pumping adventure with more control and speed.

Buggies, with their roll cages and enclosed cabs, reduce the chance of harm in rollovers or crashes. ATVs, due to their open design, provide less protection but more mobility and agility. Ultimately, safety is determined by responsible driving, obeying directions, and remaining inside your comfort zone.

While you can’t buy a dune buggy from a tour operator, several firms offer buggy trips with the option of purchasing a similar vehicle separately.