DXB Adventure

United Arab Emirates, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, is a federation
of seven emirates. The most popular one is Dubai, home to the tallest building
in the entire world.

known for its architecture and rich culture attracts millions of tourists from
all around the world. It has become the country’s most profitable center as
you’ll find numerous multinational companies in Dubai. One of the most
distinguished companies is Ikea.

What is Ikea?

Let’s talk about what Ikea really is, shall we? Ikea is a Swedish store located in many countries across the world that deals in various furniture dealings such as beds, chairs, sofas, and desks, ranging from kitchen appliances, and lighting, to home textile home décor and home electronics to have a smart home.

Now let’s talk about the Ikea that is located in Dubai, and how offering it really is? The Ikea at Jebel Ali is approximate 35,000 sq meters consisting of two floors that have anything and everything you can think of. From home décor, essentials to furnishings, every single thing required in your day-to-day life, you will find here.

So let’s take a look over the store and its timings too.

Ikea in Dubai opens at 10 am in the morning and closes at midnight, 12am for all seven days of the week, ergo you do not have to wait until the weekend to shop till you drop!

The best thing, stated by many people visiting Ikea was the variety of items and their range. The items start from 1 AED and can go up to 10,000 AED or above as well, allowing everyone to get a chance to get something for themselves.

Even though they have a lot of options, the buyers can also customize the kind of sofas they want, from choosing their own colors to their own designs! Does it get any better than this?

Why is Ikea talked about so highly?

Allow me to introduce you to the reasons why people think Ikea Dubai is the best place to find furniture and minimalistic home accessories.

walk at Ikea, these stairs are the place to go! As they provide you a place to socialize and relax.

Interesting things you’ll find at Ikea!

It does not only have a warehouse and a marketplace, it also comprises of kids’ play area, a café, and a bakery, which has freshly-baked goodies, and of course everyone’s favorite coffee at the Ikea restaurant.

The restaurant at Ikea offers a pretty decent variety of breakfast, lunch, fast food items, and of course everyone’s favorite, coffee! From Swedish treats like cookies and pastries, you will also find Swedish soups and salads here.

Breakfast items ranging from 5AED to 19AED are available from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, whereas the options for lunch and dinner begin from 11:30 am onwards. You can find kids’ meals here as well because we do not want to disappoint the little ones now, do we? Coming towards the most important part of our meal, the dessert!! Here you will find, fruit salad, Daim cake, almond cake, assorted muffins, and cinnamon bun all at a very reasonable price of 7AED each.

So now you can enjoy your shopping spree while your kids are busy playing and you can satisfy your cravings with their famous meatballs and 1 AED Ice cream. Everything in a single place!

Therefore, it is safe to say that after a long day of shopping the Ikea restaurant will take good care of you and their amazing menu options will comfort you with such low prices and amazing food, who can say no to it?

Here’s how you can find all the things you need at Ikea UAE if you’ve never been furniture shopping before!

As we were just talking about taking care of our buyers, how does Ikea’s customer service stand out? With people pouring in a huge amount every day, how do they manage to keep all of their customers satisfied?

Am I getting the right item, keeping in mind the space I have?

Getting furniture that is way too big for your space or too tiny to look good can be a hassle! But here are some tips to help you select the perfect items to make your house look the best it has ever looked!

However, if you do not find yourself in the mood for the adventure of putting your furniture together, you can always ask for help from the people at Ikea, and they can send people to assemble furniture at your place and install it for you. Customer care cannot get better than this!

Does Ikea really have everything that one might need at their home/office?

You might be thinking, with such a diversity of products the price range might be a little too much for you, but in reality, the minimalistic design on their furniture is really worth its price. Talking the budget for making over one room, which includes its bed, sofa, chairs, table, desk, and a few accessories to decorate your apartment can cost up to only 10,000 AED for one room. If you want your room to look extra good, to match your vibe, you might have to add 5000 AED to your budget to really make the room speak for itself. Make sure you remember, that you can still buy the bed, table, chairs, and a few accessories even if you have just 5000 AED in your pocket. The discounts Ikea UAE offers occasionally can help you in this as well, who doesn’t like discounts, right?

Ikea’s motto has always been to stay affordable so that a larger amount of people can buy, and they intend to be more affordable in the future for the convenience of their customers.

If you are wondering whether it’s really worth it to spend this much, keep in mind that Ikea offers a 10-year guarantee against defects in their products like mattresses, shower mixers, and all washbasins, frames, and cushions of sofas etcetera and 25 years for some specific products, so you do not have to worry about getting something other than what you have asked for.

 After a long walk at Ikea, shopping, and looking for the best, you are probably tired and want to check out as soon as possible, the express counter can do that for you and you can do that all by yourself! You can simply scan the barcode on all your products and furniture, swipe your debit or credit card, and you are done! I hope we get to see the haul soon!!

So what are you still waiting for? If you reside in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or if you are a visitor/tourist, we suggest you pay a visit to Ikea Dubai and have the most amazing experience you have ever had we hope you have a great time visiting there!