Helicopter Ride

UAE Heights: A Helicopter Tour Like No Other

See The City Like Never Before With Dubai Helicopter Ride. UAE is a fancy place known for luxury and a unique Arabian adventure, especially in the winter when you can explore the sandy deserts. But if you want something really special to do with your partner, try booking a helicopter tour with DXB Adventures. It’s a fantastic way to avoid big crowds and have your private sky tour of the incredible man-made sights.

Whether celebrating a special occasion or seeking excitement, our helicopter rides promise moments that will stay with you long after you touch down. Join us and let DXB Adventures be your ticket to a sky-high adventure over the stunning landscapes of the UAE!

Let’s talk about what you’ll see on your exciting Dubai Helicopter Ride.

First, you’ll fly by the famous Burj Al Arab, the tall building in Dubai. Then, as you go higher, you’ll get an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Next, you’ll glide over the Palm Jumeirah, seeing its unique beauty from above. Your trip will also take you past Cruise Terminal 2, Port Rashid, and Jumeirah Beach, where you can enjoy the pretty shoreline.

Lastly, you’ll glimpse Old Dubai and the historic Old Souk at Dubai Creek. So, are you ready for a journey of remarkable sights and moments you won’t forget?

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Helicopter Package & Tours

Abu Dhabi Sky

AED 1000


Short Rides

AED 715 – 1450


Long Ride

AED 11,460 (Private)



Know Before You Go

  1. Consider wearing sunglasses for sun protection.
  2. Fasten seatbelt securely before takeoff, following crew instructions.
  3. Pay close attention to the pre-flight safety briefing for important information.
  4. Individuals with serious health issues should consult a healthcare professional before the ride.
  5. Children must be at least 4 years old to participate.
  6. Minors (under 18) require a legal guardian’s consent.
  7. Avoid loose items like hats to prevent them from flying off during the ride.
  8. Adhere to weight restrictions specified by the operator.
  9. Follow guidelines on photography, respecting any restrictions.
  10. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
  11. Follow crew instructions during boarding and exiting for a smooth process.
  12. Be aware that flights may be delayed or canceled due to weather conditions.


Secure your tickets now and turn the skies of Dubai into your playground.


Do you have any questions about Dubai Adventure? We’ve got answers!

We offer internet booking for convenience. You can also contact us directly via phone or email. Before selecting your desired tour, compare pricing, durations, and package inclusions.

Layer your clothing and dress comfortably. Choose lightweight attire, such as long sleeves and trousers. Closed-toed shoes are suggested. Avoid snagging clothing, scarves, and caps in the wind.

Before making a reservation, consult with your doctor. Due to potential discomfort and altitude problems, we advise avoiding helicopter trips during pregnancy.

Flights may be canceled or rescheduled for safety reasons if there is heavy rain, strong gusts, or low visibility.

You must carry a valid photo ID, such as your passport or national ID card, for identification at the check-in counter.

No, luggage is generally not allowed on helicopter rides for safety reasons. Please travel light and carry only essential items. If you have specific concerns, contact our team for assistance.