How to do Desert Safari Dubai

A Beginner’s Guide

When you are planning to visit Dubai you must be curious about how to do Dubai Desert Safari the right way. Your vacation in Dubai without the magical desert safari is incomplete. The huge desert with the golden sand dunes will be just like a daydream, especially when expert drivers cruise their 4×4 SUVs on red desert hills and the gorgeous girls dance on Arabic beats will not let you blink your eyes. Riding a camel in the vast desert and observing free birds flying in the open sky let you see the beauty of nature. The evening desert safari also offers you the tasty BBQ dinner in the light of stars with the different talent shows, where the girls and boys show you some traditional, interesting and talented performances. The main advantage of Dubai Desert Safari is that you meet with the new people and make some new friends that make your tour more pleasing.

The expert driver will pick you up from your location and take you to the destination, they will also guide you for everything in friendly behavior. But before going to the tour, you must know some basic things about this majestic journey. There are a lot of professional desert safari tour operators who will take care of your whole trip from picking you up to dropping you off, but during that whole time, you will experience many things that will be new to you so you must be well prepared, right? Don’t worry then, we’re here to teach you how to conquer this mysterious desert in your audacious expedition.

Booking & Reservation

You can book your tour online on DXB Adventure travel and tourism sites or you can also book your tour from our site. But before booking, you must check the reviews on the website or Facebook page to know whether the site is suitable for booking or not.

What to eat before?

Just before going to the tour you should not eat heavy food especially when you have to take a ride because it can be the cause of vomiting or you feel heavy therefore you should eat some healthy and light stuff, like sandwich, juice, toast, fruits, etc.

Cash and Payment

The payments are made at the time of booking; therefore, you must have cash in your cards or pockets before booking your tour. Besides this you should keep some extra money when you go for travel, so you could avail some extra facilities like eatables, camping, international dinner, quad biking and special photo shoot with a professional photographer.


The best weather for Dubai tour, especially for desert safari, starts from September/October to March/April. As Dubai is known to be a hotter country, because Dubai has only summer season, but during these months the weather is less hot with the cool winds, but from April to September the weather is much hotter with the humidity and hot air.

Activities & Attractions

Desert Safari Tour is a full-fledged package of thrill and fun, which contains the following activities and attractions. 1. 4×4 Dune Drive and Dune Bashing 2. Bedouin Style Desert Safari Camp 3. Camel Ride 4. Quad Bike Ride 5. Belly Dance 6. Tanura Dance 7. Fire Show 8. Henna Tattoo 9. Photoshoot 10. Firework 11. Bar B Q dinner

What to Wear?

We will suggest you that you should wear loose and active clothes, so you can enjoy the visit in a comfortable manner. Also, you should wear sandals instead of shoes because the sand in your shoes will irritate your feet, and you will not be able to enjoy the tour perfectly. For the morning desert safari, you must wear a hat or glasses to cover your face from the sun.

What to take with you?

Before going to visit any place, you should prepare a bag according to your tour, as for the desert safari you must keep some extra clothing like full sleeve shirts, or some light stuff jacket or a shawl because the weather is hotter in the morning but in the evening it gets a bit cold. Besides this, you should keep, sunblock, scarf, facewash, etc.

Safety Tips

1. Make sure that the tour you are going to book is totally safe and sound. 2. The cars have safety belts, airbags, and hygienic transport system. 3. The driver must be trained and experienced. 4. He must know the safety guidelines and rules of driving. 5. People with injuries and pregnant ladies should avoid Dune Bashing Ride.

Schedule & Timings

The Dubai desert safari facilitates you with three different timings like the morning, evening and overnight desert safari. The morning desert safari starts from 7:00 to 7:30 am in the morning, evening safari begins around 3:00 pm in the evening and then it continues as overnight desert safari if you have booked for it. therefore, you can book your schedule according to your suitable timing.

Who can go?

This is the best thing in the desert safari tour that the person of any age can go for this amazing adventure and can enjoy this wonderful tour. There is no limit for age, and everyone can be a part of this exciting trip. So, don’t forget to go with your friends and family.

If you have any further questions, you can ask us anytime on our Whatsapp number or you can email us. Because we have extensive experience in this field and we feel very happy to help and serve you.