Places To Visit In Dubai

The United Arab Emirate, the most beautiful and inexpensive country to visit, is situated in Asia. The Dirham is used as a currency in United Arab Emirate, internationally recognized as AED (Arab Emirates Dirham). The climate in United Arab Emirate is much hotter in the day time and less hot with the humidity in nights, but in the winters, the weather is much pleasant. The Best summersaulting beaches, golden dune deserts, highlands, stunning islands, exhibition halls, ancient tombs and forts, the hypnotic shopping malls, luxurious restaurants, and many other things have made the United Arab Emirate a cheering and a best-visiting place for the tourists.

History of Dubai

The Seven Emirates have formed the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the largest in all emirates known to be the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai, that is famous as in investment and business industry, Sharjah is the most populated and cultural emirate, Ras Al-Khaimah is agricultural emirate in all because the chances of rains are much more than the other emirates. Umm Al-Quwain, the most unusual and exciting emirate which is totally opposite to the other emirates that are full of population and high buildings, Fujairah, is popular for outstanding oases, and hills. And in the very last, The Ajman is well-known for the shopping and entertainment centers. So the question is which places to visit in Dubai?

If you are planning to visit this land of festivities then you must be well prepared and have good knowledge of its main attractions. Because there are so many attention-grabbing places for visitors in the UAE that if you don’t plan beforehand then you might be dazed and confused at that time. This might lead you to consume your energy, money and most importantly your time on those places which can be visited later. For this reason, we have listed down top-rated tourist spots in the United Arab Emirates for you, so that you can make a schedule for your visit.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous and highest buildings in the whole world. The site-area of this tallest building is 104,210m. There is 162 number of stories in the building mixed with official and commercial use. Burj Khalifa is another world from inside, full of unusual and unexpected phases, that looks like a fantasy. It is at the top among visiting places in Dubai. The royal and presidential suite, the luxury bedrooms, the renovation of the restaurants with the delicious tastes and the most mesmerizing top floor in the clouds is just like a phantasm. Our Dubai City Tour includes a visit to this tourist hotspot.

Burj Al-Arab

Burj Al-Arab is the luxurious, astonishing and 3rd greatest hotel in the world standing on the non-natural isle. The height of this hotel is 321m, Burj al Arab is a very high-rated and seven-star hotel. The Burj al Arab is most famous for the afternoon tea with the many options like sky view bar tea, Schedar tea, high tea. Also, there are some requirements in sky view bar as the age of 21year and more are allowed for the sky tea, but for other tea times, persons of any age are allowed. Burj al Arab is the most captivating and surprising hotel that must be visited. Visit of Burj Al Arab is also included in our Dubai City Tour.

Dhow Cruise

Nowadays, life is much busy and when people get time for themselves, they want to spend some quality time in a good place, where they can explore themselves. Dhow Cruise is the best place to forget your hard and tiring life. It is the most peaceful and relaxed place to visit. The dinner in an ancient cruise, the well-lit music, and the stunning performances will just astound you and blow away your mind. Book your Dhow Cruise tickets.

Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai desert Safari has always been the superlative place for international tourists, where a person of any age can enjoy much. The desert safari is one of the best places in Dubai and so many visitors are always in the exploration of such places. 4WD cruisers will pump up the adrenaline in your blood while they take you on the top of mammoth sand dunes. In addition, Dubai Desert Safari has much more to offer like camel ride, vast desert, red sand dunes and spectacular views to capture the beautiful moments, and especially the famous and lovely belly dance in the evening on Arabic beats just makes the Dubai desert safari treasured and valued. Book your Evening or Morning Desert Safari Trip.

Ferrari World

Ferrari world is the most electrifying and adventurous amusement park, that is spread on 3600 squares meters. It has most thrilling and animated rides, including the world’s fastest roller coaster “Formula Rosa”. Besides, there are many more rides like thrill rides, family rides, and children rides. This is a top-rated park because the rides are secured and safe and it has got so many awards and nominations. Let’s visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi City Tour.

Dubai Aquarium and Mall

The Dubai mall is known to be the world’s largest mall, which covers the 502,000 square meter area. The Dubai mall is full of attraction and has multiple entertainments places one after another, like the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, VR park Dubai, Reel cinema, Rain forest cafe, Hysteria, Dubai Dino, Dubai Creek tower replica, Kid zanier and many other fun spots. In the Dubai Aquarium, there are more than 300 fishes and species with sharks, crocodiles, and rays. It has also got a certificate of excellence.

Musandam Oman Tour

Musandam tour is the best way to explore yourself and the beauty of nature. This tour is conducted in the geographical boundaries of Sultanate of Oman. Musandam dhow cruise tour takes you to different places, the expert will guide you for everything, you can also enjoy fishing on green water. The open sky, high mountains, birds chirping takes you to another world. It will make you feel like you are in paradise. Get Musandam Oman Tour tickets here.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is the most iconic and large landscape, where about more than 1000 people can worship at the same time. The mosque is so beautiful and it is made of white stunning stone. Non-Muslims are also allowed to visit this peaceful holy place so it is the best for tourists to learn about Muslim culture and to know about Islam. Also known as Two Minaret Mosque and is featured on the note of 500dhs. Let’s take you to this cultural marvel in Dubai City Tour.

Dubai Museum

Museums have always been the place of attraction for the tourists because it is the best way to know the old culture and traditions of the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai museum is one of the most famous museums, where you can find the cultural heritage of the 1800s. The 4000 square meter museum is full of the old traditional statues, illusions, and many other old cultural belongings. Dubai City Tour also includes a visit to the Dubai Museum.

Kite Beach

The widespread and extended white sand beach is perfect for the swimming and sunbathing for the tourists, you can adore the kite-beach and paddle-boarding there. Delicious eatables are also available here. This is the best place to capture the beautiful scenes, in fact, Kite Beach is the center for pleasure and gladness.