Quad Bike Safari

Quad Bike Safari: Roaring Engines, Endless Sand

Hey bike lovers, rev up your excitement for an epic desert escapade with DXB Adventures’ Quad Biking tour in Dubai!

As your premier choice for Desert Safaris in Dubai, DXB Adventures offers thrilling Quad Bike/ATV and Dune Buggy rental tours. Whether you prefer the morning, evening, sunrise, or sunset, our range of quad biking choices accommodates your timetable, guaranteeing a thrilling adventure at your preferred time.

Our packages include additional activities such as dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, belly dancing, and refreshments, promising a day of comfort and fun in the captivating Dubai desert.

Enjoy convenient transportation with 4×4 cruiser pickup and drop-off from your doorstep. It’s thrilling to have a blast with quad bike riding in the beautiful Dubai desert!

So, Gear up for an exciting desert adventure.

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Tours Packages

Single Quad Bike

AED 230


Kawasaki 800cc

AED 1180


Quad Bike 1000cc

AED 1800



Know This Before Your First Skydive!

  1. Wear a helmet, gloves, goggles, and sturdy clothing for safety.
  2. Pay attention to the quad biking guide’s instructions for a secure ride.
  3. Ride at a safe speed to ensure stability and prevent accidents.
  4. Maintain a safe distance from other quad bikers to avoid collisions.
  5. Stay alert to changes in terrain and adjust your riding accordingly.
  6. Conduct a pre-ride check on brakes, tires, and essential components.
  7. Ensure adequate hydration, especially in desert conditions.
  8. Be mindful of weather conditions. Riding might be suspended or canceled during heavy rains or sandstorms for safety reasons.
  9. Utilize proper hand signals for communication with your guide and other riders. This ensures safe navigation and avoids confusion.


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Do you have any questions about Dubai Adventure? We’ve got answers!

Key factors are safety and comfort! Choose breathable clothing with a loose fit, such as long pants, a long-sleeved top, and closed-toe shoes. Keep loose jewelry and flowing scarves away from the controls.

Before you hit the dunes, you’ll be given complete safety instructions and guidance. In addition to the required helmets, most employers offer extra safety equipment like elbow/knee protectors and chest plates.

Modern quad bikes are surprisingly easy to use! The majority have automated transmissions and simple controls. Your instructor will provide hands-on instruction.

Quad bike rides in Dubai do not require any special permits. On the other hand, we have minimum age limits (typically 16 or 18) and may need you to sign a waiver form.

The age requirements vary based on the type of quad bikes utilized. In general, minors under 16 are not permitted to ride quad bikes. We also offer smaller, kid-friendly ATVs for children 6 to 12 accompanied by adults.

Most quad bikes used for desert tours in Dubai range from 250cc to 700cc. Speed and power are affected by engine size, with larger engines perfect for experienced riders looking for a more thrilling experience.