Quad Biking Dubai with Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is well known for its very famous activities from camel rides, and falcon photography to the most loved, thrilling, distinctive, and adventurous activity of all which makes your trip to Dubai Desert Safari really worth it; quad biking. One might think, what is it that’s so exciting about quad biking, and what is the hype all about? Well, friends, we might just have the answer to that! 

What is Quad Biking?

Being one of the most popular adventures in Desert Safari Dubai, every person visiting definitely opts for it. For the people who are unaware of what it is, let us paint a picture for you. An ATV or as many people call it, dirt/quad bike is a four-wheeled quadricycle meant to be ridden in uneven places, most popularly muddy tracks or deserts. The fun is to ride it over sand and keep a steady place to maintain your balance! 

What makes ATV/ Quad Bikes so special?

only is it exciting to ride ATVs / quad bikes, but the fun also lies in the
fact that it can be driven on the sand, and that is not something you get to see every day! Even though beaches can be a decent option to ride quad bikes at as well, deserts remain unbeaten because of the heaps of sand there! Makes it more entertaining to ride your ATVs / quad bikes over the piles of sand in deserts.

You might come to think, bikes over sands? Doesn’t seem safe…, but you don’t have to worry, and here’s why!

Is it safe to ride ATVS/ Quad bikes in the desert?

ATVs/ quad bikes are designed to be driven over bumpy surfaces. The quadricycle or as we call it quad bike, has four wheels to balance on the unequal heaps of sand. So there is nothing to worry about! However, to prevent any sort of accidents or mishaps from happening, the management at Desert Safari Dubai has arrangements for that as well! All adults willing to ride a quad bike in the desert are given safety gear which consists of a helmet, gloves, eye protection in the form of goggles/ glasses, a full-sleeved jacket, and boots that cover your ankles all for your safety! Children over the age of 16 are allowed to ride ATVs / quad bikes only as a safety precaution as well. Therefore, you can ride your quad bikes without any worries! As advised by the management there, you already will be at a steady speed for your own safety, in case of a misbalance, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself because the soft sand is there to catch you! 

What makes Desert Safari quad biking so distinctive?

People visiting Dubai Desert Safari have a lot to say about quad biking in the desert, which makes people want to go there even more. The specialty of quad biking in a desert is the low cost and high amount of fun! Not only is it a bike with four wheels, but it’s super easy to balance as well. Anyone can ride it and that is what highlights it the most. You know what they say about trends right following trends can really up to your social media! Quad biking is the literal
definition of staying up to date with all trends! Keep your gram game on fleek with pictures of you quad biking your way at desert safari Dubai  Riding it over sand piles can be wild, and that is what most people look forward to when they book a trip to Desert Safari

Like we have mentioned before, quad bikes are the literal definition of fun at a low cost that too at Desert Safari Dubai. So let’s talk about how much it really costs you to have this wonderful experience! 

ATV / Quad biking deals at Desert Safari Dubai

  • Multiple deals around ATVs / quad biking at desert safari Dubai can make your options really clear for you.
  • At just the cost of AED 300 per person, you can enjoy quad biking for 60 minutes, including the supervision of an experienced instructor and you will be transferred by an air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle! The deal also contains a short camel ride! What more could you ask for?
  • If you’re looking for something within AED 275, this deal can pave the way! With a land cruiser pick and drop, camel ride, and quad bike ride, this deal might be the one for you!
  • Around AED 130 to AED 185 per person, you can enjoy quad biking with a camel ride! The price, however, will range according to the duration of your quad bike ride.
  • From the cost of AED 150 to AED 200 per person, your options get even better as deals include quad biking, camel rides, and sandboarding for the duration of 4 hours!
    I think we might have mentioned it a lot more times before, but we cannot emphasize this enough. Following guidelines while quad biking is rule 101, to make it crystal clear for you, here are some Do’s and Don’ts that can help you understand how to really have fun with safety! 

Do’s and Don’ts with ATVS / Quad bikes

  • Do not risk your safety by forgetting to put on your helmets/glasses / protective wear/ankle covering boots or not putting on any of the safety gear intentionally. It does not look cool nor does it suit anyone well to end their trip getting hurt, my friend.
  • Do not go over the speed limit over heaps of sand. The professionals/management at desert safari Dubai will guide you regarding the speed limit, so do not go over it to risk your safety in any way.
  • Make sure your children under 16 do not get on those bikes. Even under supervision, children might try to go overboard and speed up the quad bikes which might harm them, and no one wants their children to get hurt, especially on a trip, so double-check that your 16 plus kids get on the quad bikes only.
  • In case of any medical conditions that might get triggered by such an adrenaline rush, or in case of a person having blood pressure issues that might get triggered during your ride, inform the management about the person’s medical history to avoid any sort of unfortunate incidents.
  • We suggest you do not take a camera/phone with you on the ATVs / quad bikes. You may lose your camera/phone or you might have the risk of losing your balance / tripping over and hurting yourself while paying too much attention to your camera.
  • Follow the guidelines given to you by the management at desert safari Dubai and you’ll be good to go! You know, as they say, steady and slow win the race!
  • Remember to keep rechecking your safety gear because you can never be sure too many times, safety always comes first.

As if we have not mentioned it a thousand times already; Book a trip to desert safari Dubai, and a session for quad biking, follow your guidelines, and thank us later!