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Unveil Dubai’s Lavish Resorts: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Dubai, A city of glitz and glamour, where extravagance knows no bounds. Imagine a world where lavish accommodations, landscapes that steal your breath, and a treasure chest of amenities await.

Welcome to the realm of resorts in Dubai. These aren’t just places to rest your head; they’re a symphony of luxury and adventure. From sun-kissed beachfront paradises to tranquil desert escapes, Dubai’s resorts cater to your wildest dreams.

So, hold onto your hats as we embark on an enchanting journey through the realm of Dubai’s resorts, where indulgence knows no limits and relaxation stays supreme.

Types of Resorts in Dubai

Dubai has a wide variety of resorts, depending on your budget and interests. Here’s a closer look at the most popular types of resorts:

1. Luxury Resorts

Dubai is known for its luxurious resorts, which offer world-class accommodations, amenities, and service. Some of Dubai’s most famous luxury resorts include:

Atlantis The Palm: This iconic resort, situated on the Palm Jumeirah, features opulent accommodations and world-class attractions like Aquaventure Waterpark and the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Burj Al Arab: One of the world’s most luxurious hotels, it graces its private island and provides unmatched service and amenities.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel: Nestled on the shores of Jumeirah Beach, it’s a renowned name offering luxurious accommodations and a multitude of activities.

2. Family-Friendly Resorts

Dubai also has many family-friendly resorts that offer a variety of activities and amenities for children of all ages. Some of Dubai’s most popular family-friendly resorts are mentioned below.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Resort: Perfect for families with its child-friendly activities. It is an ideal destination for parents and kids alike.

Legoland Hotel Dubai: It transforms kids’ wildest dreams into reality with its captivating Lego-themed experiences, providing a magical stay filled with adventure and imagination.

Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts Autograph Collection: They are all about adventure and fun tailored to families, ensuring a memorable and exciting getaway for everyone to enjoy.

3. Beach Resorts

Dubai is a beachfront city, so it’s no surprise that it has many world-class beach resorts. Some of the most popular beach resorts in Dubai include

Jumeirah Beach Hotel: It offers a picturesque setting, with the stunning Jumeirah Beach providing a backdrop of sheer natural beauty for an unforgettable vacation.

Madinat Jumeirah: A traditional Arabian-style resort, transports guests into a world of charm with its souk, private beach, and water park, creating a culturally rich and entertaining retreat.

One&Only Royal Mirage: It is the epitome of luxury, offering an escape. With three private beaches and a lavish spa, it’s the perfect destination for indulgence and relaxation.

4. Desert Resorts

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, consider staying at one of Dubai’s many desert resorts.

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa: It delivers a unique and immersive experience with camel rides, dune bashing, and genuine Arabian hospitality, allowing you to connect with the desert’s rich heritage.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa: It offers an escape to the serene desert with endless vistas, making it an ideal choice for a tranquil getaway.

Arabian Nights Village: It lets you delve into Bedouin culture through a variety of desert activities and stargazing, offering a truly authentic desert adventure.

5. All-Inclusive Resorts

All-Inclusive Resorts in Dubai offer a variety of packages that include accommodation, food, drinks, and activities. This can be an excellent option for families and travelers who want to budget their trip in advance.

Atlantis The Palm: It stands as a top-tier option, enticing visitors with packages that encompass accommodation, dining, beverages, and plenty of activities to ensure an unforgettable stay.

JA Beach Hotel: It offers an all-inclusive escape, providing a plethora of options and activities to cater to all your needs during your stay.

Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites: It invites you to immerse yourself in luxury with its all-inclusive options, creating an indulgent and carefree experience for its guests.

6. Spa Resorts

Spa Resorts in Dubai offers a variety of spa treatments and packages, making them a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Talise Spa at Jumeirah Beach Hotel: It provides a tranquil haven, inviting you to unwind and rejuvenate in a serene environment.

Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah: It offers the perfect setting to experience serenity and wellness by the beach, ensuring a rejuvenating and calming escape.

One&Only Spa at One&Only Royal Mirage: It lets you unwind and pamper yourself in style, allowing you to indulge in luxury and relaxation during your stay.

Popular Resorts in Dubai

Here are a few of Dubai’s most popular resorts, known for their unique offerings and iconic status:

  1. Atlantis The Palm: Set on the remarkable Palm Jumeirah, this resort houses a variety of luxurious accommodations, and attractions like the Aquaventure Waterpark, the Lost Chambers Aquarium, and the enchanting Dolphin Bay.
  2. Burj Al Arab: Epitomizing luxury, this iconic hotel rests on its own private island, ensuring unparalleled comfort and service.
  3. Jumeirah Beach Hotel: A well-known luxury destination that graces the shores of Jumeirah Beach, offering various plush accommodations and engaging activities.
  4. Madinat Jumeirah: Embrace traditional Arabian charm at this exquisite resort located on Jumeirah Beach. It boasts luxurious accommodations, a bustling souk, a private beach, and an enchanting water park.
  5. One&Only Royal Mirage: Situated on Jumeirah Beach, this luxurious resort offers three private beaches, numerous restaurants, and an opulent spa for a pampering experience.

Exploring Resorts in Dubai: Activities and Fun

Dubai’s resorts aren’t just a place to stay; they’re a world of adventure waiting to be explored. Here are some exciting activities and fun things to do at Dubai’s resorts:

  1. Relax on the Beach: Most resorts offer pristine private beaches. Soak up the sun, swim, or enjoy family time building sandcastles.
  2. Poolside Bliss: Multiple pools, from serene infinity pools to thrilling water slides and lazy rivers, provide a spot for everyone.
  3. Water Sports Galore: Dubai’s resorts offer various water sports, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides.
  4. Spa Retreats: Luxuriate in world-class spa treatments and massages to rejuvenate body and soul.
  5. Culinary Delights: Satisfy your taste buds with cuisine from around the world at the resort’s various restaurants. From fine dining to casual eats, there’s something for every palate.

Booking Your Dream Resort in Dubai

Now, let’s dive into how to book your dream resort and the types of accommodation you can expect:

1. How to Book a Resort in Dubai

Booking a resort in Dubai is simple. You can reserve your slice of paradise directly through the resort’s website or by giving them a call. Travel agents and online booking websites are also excellent options.

Remember to book ahead to ensure a smooth experience, especially if you’re visiting during the peak season. Compare prices across different platforms to get the best deal.

2. Types of Resort Accommodation in Dubai

Dubai’s resorts offer a range of accommodation options, catering to your preferences and needs:

  1. Hotel Rooms: The most common choice, offering essentials like a private bathroom, TV, and mini-fridge.
  2. Suites: More spacious with separate living areas, kitchenettes, and balconies for added comfort.
  3. Villas: For the ultimate luxury experience, villas often feature private pools, gardens, and even dedicated butler service.

3. Resort Amenities and Services

Resorts in Dubai provide a treasure trove of amenities and services to make your stay unforgettable:

  1. Pools: You’ll find swimming pools, lazy rivers, and water slides galore.
  2. Beaches: Many resorts in Dubai have private beaches where you can relax and soak up the sun.
  3. Spas: World-class spas offering an array of treatments and massages for relaxation.
  4. Restaurants: A diverse range of dining options serving international cuisine.
  5. Bars and Clubs: For evenings filled with drinks and dancing.
  6. Kid’s Clubs: Fun activities and games for the little ones.
  7. Other Amenities: Look forward to fitness centers, tennis courts, and shopping right at the resort.

4. Resort Packages and Specials

Many resorts in Dubai offer a variety of resort packages and specials. These packages can include accommodation, food, drinks, and activities. Some of Dubai’s most popular resort packages include:

  1. All-Inclusive Packages: These cover accommodation, food, drinks, and activities. Perfect for those who like to budget in advance.
  2. Family Packages: Tailored for families, including kid-friendly activities and amenities.
  3. Couples Packages: Ideal for a romantic getaway with added perks for couples.
  4. Spa Packages: Designed for relaxation, these include spa treatments and wellness activities.
  5. Golf Packages: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy accommodation, meals, and green fees at local courses.

Accessibility and Getting Around

Here’s a little guide on getting to Dubai and navigating the city:

1. How to Get to Dubai

Dubai is an international hub with excellent flight connectivity. You can find direct flights from many cities worldwide.

2. Getting Around Dubai

Dubai’s public transportation system includes a well-connected metro, buses, and taxis. If you prefer flexibility, renting a car is also an option.

Now that you’re well-prepared, it’s time to book your dream resort and experience the magic of Dubai’s lavish hospitality. Enjoy your stay!


AED 7 to AED 20 is the Tourism Dirham Fee per room in Dubai, and it is charged for each night of occupation (up to 30 nights).

“Best” depends on your travel style and priorities! Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Downtown Dubai: City sights, Burj Khalifa, upscale shopping & nightlife (busiest, pricier).
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR): Lively beachfront, family-friendly hotels, water activities (vibrant, moderate).
  • Palm Jumeirah: Luxurious resorts, iconic Atlantis Aquaventure, unique island vibe (secluded, most expensive).
  • Deira: Traditional souks, cultural experiences, budget-friendly options (authentic, less modern).

Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort is a 5-star Island Hotel and a luxury resort. It is situated on the World Islands off the coast of Dubai.

Resort fees can vary greatly from property to property. While some hotels charge a minimal resort fee as low as $5-10 each night, the average resort fee costs travelers between $20-50 each night.

Although there is an official 5-star grading system, hotels that surpass even the highest requirements are typically awarded a “7-star” rating. Imagine unmatched elegance, attentive service, and unique experiences. These luxury hotels feature lavish furnishings, personal butlers, helicopter transportation, fine in-room meals, and sometimes even underwater dining areas or movie theatres.

The Burj Al Arab is the world’s only 7-star Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

A one-day room in the Burj Khalifa Tower can cost from $800 to $1500 per night. The prices may vary according to the time of the year, type of room, and location of the room within the building.

  1. Burj Khalifa
  2. Dubai Mall
  3. Dubai Fountain
  4. Palm Jumeirah

According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, resort fees cover various hotel amenities, including pool usage, gym entry, towel provision, Wi-Fi access, newspapers, shuttle services, and daily parking. They assert that the resort fee constitutes payment for a bundle of services.

While it is customary to charge per night, some hotels could have different pricing structures. For example, certain hotels may have a minimum stay requirement, meaning that a reservation for a predetermined number of nights is required to receive a specified rate. This is a common practice during peak months and holidays.

Yes, a resort is a type of hotel. Resorts are accommodations that typically offer additional amenities and recreational facilities, distinguishing them from standard hotels.

Despite being extremely lavish, the Atlantis The Palm in Dubai is officially designated as a 5-star hotel. The formal star ranking system only goes up to five, despite the property’s lavish features, which include access to the exhilarating Aquaventure waterpark, world-class restaurants, and underwater accommodations. Still, a lot of visitors and vacationers think that the Atlantis provides a “7-star experience” because of its unparalleled quality of service, unique features, and atmosphere. Therefore, even though it isn’t officially a seven-star hotel, the Atlantis surely offers discerning travelers a taste of lavish grandeur.

The municipality fee is computed at 5% of your rental contract’s value for any property, with a minimum payment of AED 450 per annum.

The refundability of hotel fees depends on the hotel’s cancellation policy. Some hotels offer fully refundable rates, while others may have non-refundable options. Before booking a reservation, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the hotel or get in touch with them to find out their precise refund policy.

In Dubai, there is a Tourism Dirham Fee applied per room for each night of stay (up to 30 nights), ranging from AED 7 to AED 20. The specific amount varies based on the hotel’s grade. In Abu Dhabi, an extra 4% fee is added to hotel bills, along with a charge of AED 15 per night per room.

Presently, there are no income taxes, inheritance taxes, withholding taxes, or similar levies.

A resort charge sometimes called a facility fee or destination fee, is an additional cost added to your hotel bill, separate from the room rate. It supposedly covers the use of shared hotel amenities and services, like Pools and fitness centers, Towels and beach chairs, Wi-Fi access, Local phone calls, and Airport shuttles (in some cases).