DXB Adventure

Sunrise desert safari has many beautiful sceneries and marvelous gems. Everyone should experience Sunrise desert safari in their lifetimes. And experiencing Sunrise in the deserts of Dubai is the most recommended when visiting the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Sunrise desert safari is the recommended way of experiencing Dubai’s desert scenery in the morning. Which is without a doubt, the most astounding and the most mesmerizing experience to date. With the golden glow of the morning sun over the dunes and pink and gold streaks spread across the morning sky. Producing unimaginable atmosphere and unforgettable memories, also providing a moment to capture some great photographs. 

After booking a Morning Desert Safari Dubai you can start your adventure at 7:30, with 4X4 luxury land cruisers ready to pick you up. Get ready to blast by thrills of a well-maintained 4X4 luxury land cruiser, duns bashing by a professional driver, ensuring the safety of the Traveller. You can also choose to ride a camel into the Sunrise, if do not prefer to participate in other activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, etc. Riding across Dubai’s dessert will become a major part of your memory that you will not forget.  

After taking in the Sunrise, you start with a fun and captivating activities. Drift along with the inclination of dunes on a skating board, while our team will take care of your safety. Another choice along with the sand skating and dunes bashing, for an immense thrill, is the Quad Bike. Take charge of a well-maintained and safe to ride, ATV Quad Bike and ride across the desert. 

Activities and delicious food and refreshment. You will be provided with famous Arab coffee and breakfast with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Nothing will more wholesome to enjoy a complete breakfast with your family. Or you can also choose a romantic one with a tabletop breakfast with your special someone. Not to worry about sand underneath your feet, as the sand while Sunrise will not burn your feet.

After taking your breakfast, you might think of that as the end. But wait, there is more. You take a ride on a camel, further into the heart of the desert. Travel across the powdery sand to lose your stress and relax your mind. This will also act as a path to discovery, as you observe the natural desert flora and wildlife. To see that not even desert can remain bare will surprise you. As the Date Palm, Flame Tree, Hibiscus, and many more plant life sprout out of the sandy soil. Apart from the plant life, watch a few animals native to the Dubai deserts, such as Arabian Oryx, Hares, Gazelles, and flying over your head, Falcons. 

And if, you prefer not wanting to go to the desert. We recommended booking the Dubai city tour to see the morning Suprise from new Hights. Visit Burj Khalifa and watch the Sunrise from up to 128th floor, whole 828 meters. For an experience that you will never forget and won’t stay quiet about. Then enjoy the sights and festive nature of the welcoming city, as our tour will make sure that you go home with some wonderful memories.  

In conclusion, Morning Desert Safari Dubai is the best mix of adventure and relaxation. The most-sought out trip that will make want to come back here with us every year. Even you choose to experience the Sunrise from the Burj Khalifa. All said and done, your adventure into the desert will be safe, thanks to our excellent crew and operators. As Dubai Desert Safari guide it’s our up-most pleasure to ensure that time with us will be as perfect, that you will recommend us to your family and friends. No doubt that taking Morning Desert Safari, would be a great start to your exploration into the thrilling world of Desert Safari.