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Tourism is one of the most profitable and important industries for a country. Dubai, being a tourist spot of the United Arab Emirates, has proved to be one of the most visited places for vacations all over the world. Millions of people from around the world visit Dubai annually, for its many tourist spots. Hatta Tour Dubai is said to be among the best activities to engage in if you visit Dubai.

What is Hatta?

Hatta, located in the Hajar mountains is an old heritage village comprising things that you would not find in places these days, like old stone houses and roofs made of palms, and a traditional water system. Hatta was originally a part of Oman but now it lies in the emirate of Dubai.

To go through the rocky roads, the trip starts from the moment you step on those 4×4 vehicles, and your Hatta Tour Dubai has just begun!

Places to visit when you’re in Hatta

Hatta activities will be an exciting part of your visit to Hatta, so we’d say don’t let this opportunity pass by!

Activities you will definitely enjoy at Hatta!

As if these activities weren’t enough, we are not stopping here my friend. Wadi Hub located here, in Hatta has numerous activities for you to enjoy and take full advantage of coming on your Hatta Tour Dubai. Resorts in Wadi Hub can make your stay very comforting at a really reasonable price, ranging from 500 AED to 2000 AED. When you feel like you are done with spending money on activities at Hatta, you might want to give your pockets a break, so let’s take a look at the free-of-cost adventures in Wadi Hub!

Free Activities at Wadi Hub

Did you think we were done listing the activities at Wadi Hub? Fortunately for us, the activities don’t end here. The fun is just beginning!

Sporty Activities at Wadi Hub

Mountain Bikes and Mountain Carts are not the only thing you’ll be riding here at the Hatta Tour Dubai.

Rides start at just 25 AED

Here are some Day Passes for Adults for Unlimited Fun!

Paying for all of these activities, resorts, and transportation separately may seem like a lot for your pocket. How about we take a look at some packages that are filled with these activities and can make your trip a lot more economical!

Hatta Tour Packages

So what do you say? I suggest you take a few days off and hit the roads to have the most entertaining days ever and visit Hatta for your Hatta Tour Dubai!