Things To Do On Hatta Tour Dubai

Tourism is one of the most profitable and important industries for a country. Dubai City, being a tourist spot of the United Arab Emirates, has proved to be one of the most visited places for vacations all over the world. Millions of people from around the world visit Dubai annually, for its many tourist spots. Hatta Tour Dubai is said to be among the best activities to engage in if you visit Dubai.

What is Hatta?

Hatta, located in the Hajar mountains is an old heritage village comprising things that you would not find in places these days, like old stone houses and roofs made of palms, and a traditional water system. Hatta was originally a part of Oman but now it lies in the emirate of Dubai.

To go through the rocky roads, the trip starts from the moment you step on those 4×4 vehicles, and your Hatta Tour Dubai has just begun!

Places to visit when you’re in Hatta

  • Stopping by at the Heritage Village of Hatta should definitely be on your bucket list! Get a chance to look at the fascinating structure of the Hatta village to take a look back at its heritage since the 18th With free entry, complimentary dates and Arabic tea is also known as chai are provided to you upon arrival, why wouldn’t one go there?
  • If you get a chance to go to Hatta Dubai, and you don’t visit Hatta Dam, did you even go there?! The Hatta Dam is an enchanting view to look at. You will find nature at its best
  • Hatta Hill Park is also one of many places to visit on the Hatta Tour Dubai, as its alluring view is unbelievable to look at, the breath of fresh air that you get there is all you can think about when you go to the highest point of the Hatta mountain on your Hatta mountain tour!
  • During mountain trekking, you will come across date farms in between. Make sure you pay a visit there, as you can find really long-lived date farms here as date farming is considered to be the most important activity here in Hatta.
  • The historic sights don’t just end here, during your Hatta Tour Dubai, you will also come across the Hatta Fort and Jumma Mosques. These significant buildings really paint a picture and illustrate the past of UAE to its tourists.
  • A local guide can also help you reach ancient farms located in Hatta, and even honey factories and tombs that can show you the rich heritage of the village Hatta.

Hatta activities will be an exciting part of your visit to Hatta, so we’d say don’t let this opportunity pass by!

Activities you will definitely enjoy at Hatta!

  • While you’re still at Hatta, why not take a hike too? As hiking is free and fun, we feel as if this golden opportunity to hike across the rocky mountains of Hatta should not be missed. Book yourself and your family a guide, and you’ll find yourself enjoying mountain trekking when you’re in the right hands!
  • Looking at the Dam in Hatta may be breathtaking but let me tell you about something even better to do there! Not only can you enjoy the view there, but you can also go Kayaking in its beautiful shining blue water which is an absolute beauty to look at.
  • Can you even enjoy your visit to Hatta fully if you pass on the opportunity for a mountain safari? Make your trip even more interesting by adding the excitement of mountain safari and be ready for a lot of adventure time!
  • Distract yourself from all your worries and go mountain biking in the heavenly Hajjar mountains! As you go through the mountains riding your bike, the panoramic scenery will take your breath away.
  • At the Hatta mountain photography point, you can take quite astonishing pictures of the view here. Its scenic beauty really speaks for itself.
  • Hatta desert safari is a must if you visit Hatta! Many Hatta desert safari offers can make this experience pocket friendly for you. Hatta desert safari deals can cost you just 100 AED per person with centralized transportation! However, there are multiple Hatta desert safari packages for you and your family that can cost you around 560 AED for 6 people.

As if these activities weren’t enough, we are not stopping here my friend. Wadi Hub located here, in Hatta has numerous activities for you to enjoy and take full advantage of coming on your Hatta Tour Dubai. Resorts in Wadi Hub can make your stay very comforting at a really reasonable price, ranging from 500 AED to 2000 AED. When you feel like you are done with spending money on activities at Hatta, you might want to give your pockets a break, so let’s take a look at the free-of-cost adventures in Wadi Hub!

Free Activities at Wadi Hub

  • Here at Wadi Hub, you can jump your worries away in the small and big plunge, for kids and adults! Because fun doesn’t have an age limit!
  • A net walkway or as you may call it, a rope bridge for all adults and kids!
  • Is there something more exciting than log swings when you visit a mountainous area? I think not! Swing all the way from one side of the mountains to the other side with helmets and safety protection on.
  • A pump track or as we like to call it the *fun track* to ride your bikes in for all adults, and for children under supervision. We say, helmet on, and off you go!

Did you think we were done listing the activities at Wadi Hub? Fortunately for us, the activities don’t end here. The fun is just beginning!

Sporty Activities at Wadi Hub

  • If you enjoy archery, congratulations you have hit the right target! Book a session for archery before visiting Wadi Hub at just the cost of 30 AED for children above 8 years and 40 AED for people above 14 years.
  • Go axe throwing at Wadi Hub, for just 30 AED and experience things you have never tried before, but remember to book yourself a session beforehand.
  • The list of mountain activities didn’t just stop at mountain biking, here at Wadi Hub you can enjoy mountain carts as well for just 55 AED for people above 16 years. With safety protection on, you’re good to go!
  • Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you drop into the Hatta lake at the Drop-in activity at Wadi Hub!
  • Conquer your fear of heights and go wall climbing, buckle on your safety protection, and off you go climbing those walls as you have never before!
  • The kid in you will come out screaming the second your eye lands on gravity zorbing! Not just playing around inside an orb but you can play zorbing football as well! I mean, how cool is that?
  • Tube sliding is just another one of these thrill-filled activities! Sit on a doughnut-shaped tube and slide your way down the course!
  • The cannon activity might just be our favorite! A slingshot that pushes you all the way from one side to another before dropping you down! Go flying like a cannon!
  • Gel ball activity is a slightly less painful and less messy version of paintball where you can play around with your friends in a battlefield with your safety gear on!
  • We cannot get enough of these activities! You have the golden opportunity to go paragliding here at Hatta! Take a deep breath and get ready for the experience of a lifetime, taking in the beautiful scenery of Hatta as you glide away.

Mountain Bikes and Mountain Carts are not the only thing you’ll be riding here at the Hatta Tour Dubai.

Rides start at just 25 AED

  • Get a chance to hump onto a camel and go for a camel ride!
  • Is there anything cuter than getting a chance to have a donkey ride?
  • Pony rides and horse chariots will make you feel like royalty.

Here are some Day Passes for Adults for Unlimited Fun!

  • Enjoy 3 hours of mountain biking, drop-in, palm course, twin zipline, cannon, archery, axe throwing, wall climbing, bag jump, and free fall. Everything at the cost of 500 AED only.
  • You may also go for another type of pass that consists of mountain biking, drop-in, palm course, twin zipline, cannon, archery, axe throwing, wall climbing, bag jump, and free fall, and have one attempt at all of these activities at the cost of 250 AED only.
  • Kids never want to be left behind, so do not worry we have passes for them as well! Kids can go for mountain biking, drop-in, palm courses, kiddy zipline, wall climbing, bag jump, and free fall, and they can have one attempt at all of these activities at the cost of AED 150 only.

Paying for all of these activities, resorts, and transportation separately may seem like a lot for your pocket. How about we take a look at some packages that are filled with these activities and can make your trip a lot more economical!

Hatta Tour Packages

  • Packages starting from just AED 85 per person include drive-through Hajar Mountains, a visit to Hatta Dam, a stop at Hatta Hill View Park as well as stopping by the Hatta Village to learn about its heritage and while driving through the Hajar mountains, this package also includes mountains photography! All of this in just AED 85, and they provide you with a pick and drop from your standard location!
  • Talking about stays at resorts, there are multiple resorts at Hatta for your convenience. Ranging from Sedr trailers resort, where you will have your very own trailer near the Hatta Dam. Comfort with a view! The management at the resort will provide transport for you to your trailer, from the reception. Here facilities like air conditioning, Wireless internet, shower cubicle, TV etc will be provided to you, to make you feel at home. All of this starts from the cost of AED 750 per night for a family of three!
  • Damani Lodges Resort located near the Hatta Mountains has a great view of the heritage village and the Hatta Wadi Hub Park. Here you’ll feel at home with amenities given to you that include a TV, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. For the cost of AED 750 for 2 adults. However adding just AED 100, you can bring your kid along as well!

So what do you say? I suggest you take a few days off and hit the roads to have the most entertaining days ever and visit Hatta for your Hatta Tour Dubai!