What To Wear On Different Tourist Places In Dubai

Dubai is the most visited place for the tourists, every year it gets millions of tourists. As Dubai is always been an attractive place because of its beauty and with different emirates having different appearance. Which makes Dubai most captivating and a mesmerizing place. But before going to Dubai you must have some knowledge what to wear in Dubai, so you can pack accordingly.

The weather in Dubai is more pleasant from December to March. Therefore, this is the best time to visit the outdoor places. For the indoor place, you can enjoy the rest of the year too. As the climate of Dubai is extremely hot, its hard to decide that what should wear in dissimilar places. It’s always made some difficulty for them, whether the dress they wear is suitable in other countries.

1. Dress code for the Malls and Restaurants of Dubai.

There are no special restrictions for the dressing in malls and restaurants. But some restaurants won’t allow you to wear shorts, sneakers and short skirts, otherwise. You can wear any suitable dress, but try to cover yourself in Ramadan as it is an Islamic country. You must respect and follow their rules. You also have to keep the weather in your mind, during the December to March. You should wear some warm clothing and in other months of the year. Men can wear jeans shirt, shalwar, Kandura or any suitable dressing. Women can wear the maxi, frocks, shirts, jeans, scarf, half sleeves, and abaya also.

2. What to wear in Historical and Traditional Places of UAE?

In the historical and traditional places, you cannot wear whatever you want. The body should be completely covered whether they are men or women, so for the women, they should wear the covered dress, or maxi or abaya or anything that does not show their body like see-through tights, fit outfits, open neck and sleeveless dress that reveal their body. Because local people will not like it and try to give you a bit of advice and then you will not feel good or it can turn-off your mood, so always wear such dressing which is according to the environment and place. For the men, they should wear shirts and jeans they cannot wear shorts or ripped jeans. They should not unbutton their shirts and show their chests.

3. How to dress in Mosques of Dubai?

When you go to visit a mosque, you must have good dressing guidance, because this is the most respectful place for the Muslims, as it is the worship place for them. Muslims are completely aware that what should they wear in the mosque but for others they should wear an abaya, long maxi, long frock with full sleeves and scarf to cover your head. And for the men they should wear Kandura, shalwar, no shorts, no sleeveless, and no ripped jeans, covering your head is optional but good for the respect of that sacred place.

4. What to wear on Dubai Desert Safari?

Now let’s come to the Dubai Desert Safari. The Dubai Desert Safari stands at top places to visit in Dubai for tourists, as it is an outdoor place therefore, you should 1st select the suitable months, because if you will choose the hottest month than it would be your worst decision, like July is the hottest month and in the Dubai you will barely stand for 15 minutes in an open sky and the safari tour is all about rambling In the red sands dune and exploring the beauty of nature in open sky. So, you should select the months from November to march, also you should well aware of dressing code.

Male should wear the shorts and loose shirts and hat to cover their head from the sun, warm clothing should not be preferred in desert safari tour. Females should tie their hair and can wear some loose frocks, shorts, and shirts. Try to cover yourself from the heat of the sun, therefore, you should cover your body. Wear sandals instead of shoes, because if sand enters into your shoes it can dis-comfort you and can ruin your tour. Sunglasses are must and don’t forget to take a light upper, shawl or jacket with you, because you might feel cold in the evening when the temperature dramatically turns low.

5. What to wear in Parks, Beaches, and Parties?

In parks males and females can wear whatever nice and casual they want. Females should not wear sexy and revealing clothing and males should avoid removing their shirts. The frequently asked question is what can we wear bikinis, thongs, shorts, and skirts in the beaches of Dubai. You can wear but thongs and bikinis are not suitable in family beaches, it’s better if you would wear a swimsuit.

For the parks, as you have to take rides so you should prefer fit clothing. So while taking rides your clothes don’t bother you. For parties, it depends on the type of party. Normally it would be good if you stay classy and modest.

6. Packing Guide for Tourists visiting Dubai.

To sum it all up; the people who are coming from another country or if they are coming for the first time, they are much confused about their packing, because it is difficult to decide what type of clothing should be chosen, so don’t rush yourself just check out the month and the weather of UAE. If the months are from December or February or between them then you can keep some warm clothes like jackets, shawls, shoes because in the night the weather gets cold, therefore you should not take any kind of risk.

in other months you can keep the summer clothes, frocks, shirts, trousers or the other occasional dresses. Dubai is much modern than the other emirates, therefore you can keep your modern dresses too and you can wear them according to the place. As for the jewellery, always go for the lightweight jewellery, you can also keep your simple dress code because you can wear it during the rest time.

The dressing is the most important thing and you must have basic knowledge about it, that what you should wear at which place, it’s not only comfortable for you but you can also enjoy your tour in the best way and you can make your journey unforgettable.