Why You Should Go On Sunrise Desert Safari

Desert Safari is very easily the most popular activity among many others in Dubai, not only among tourists, but the locals cannot get enough of this adventure either!

While both desert safaris may be similar in many ways, sunrise desert safari is different from evening desert safari in many exciting ways; here’s how!

What does the sunrise desert safari include?

–      Sunrise desert safari can include activities like stopping by Al Qudra lakes for its beautiful view at sunrise. Just imagine standing there with chilly wind blowing!

–      Stopping by popular locations for photo shoots, because you know we’ve got to keep the ‘gram updated!

–      Did you really think we would have a sunrise desert safari without fueling ourselves!? With the alluring view of the sunrise, enjoy a quick breakfast to get ready for the trip ahead! The breakfast there includes chicken sausages, pancakes, egg omelets and cakes. What else could you ask for!

–      We’re not forgetting the refreshments just yet! We know how important the morning coffee / tea can be, so don’t you worry. You will be provided with juices / beverages of your choice.

–      Hang around the Arabic tent present in the desert for you comfort! Stay cozy while enjoying your tea / coffee, and charge yourself for the exciting adventures ahead!

We are still not done talking about the activities at the sunrise desert safari! I mean, did you think the activities were limited to just those above?

Fun activities at sunrise desert safari!

–      Dune bashing itself is a fun filled adventure, but dune bashing at sunrise might just seal the deal for us! This adrenaline filled activity is surely going to make you book the trip to sunrise desert safari Dubai right now.

–      Sand boarding is just another one of those activities that you cannot say no to! Is it even a desert safari without riding across a sand dune on a board!?

–      Camel rides is a must when you visit the desert safari! Enjoy the camel ride for an hour and relax while looking at the beautiful view of the sun rising.

–      Some might say their trip to the desert safari Dubai is incomplete without Quad biking / ATVS and we have to agree! Quad biking as the sun rises is definitely going to refresh your mind. Put on some protective wear and ride away on your ATVS / quad bikes like never before!

–      Falcon photography can be pretty intimidating to many, especially children, but don’t you worry. The trained birds are going to sit with a pat on your shoulders and the pictures turn out pretty cool as well! This is not something you get to do everyday, so we say while you’re at it, go for it!

–      The photography sessions don’t limit at just falcons, choose your Arabic costume and pose away for your photo session at the sunrise desert safari!

–      Would you believe us if we said that wildlife is a part of your sunrise desert safari too? Because they are! On your way to the desert safari, you will be stopping by an Arabian Oryx feeding station as well! This trip keeps on getting better and better.

You may be thinking, such activities that too in a hot weather can be exhausting! Don’t worry, the management at desert safari is there to take of you! With unlimited soft drinks and cold water, stay hydrated and enjoy with every ounce of your energy!

The activities really make the trip a whole package of thrilling fun, but since we are talking about packages, let’s take a look at some of the deals for sunrise desert safari and what they entail!

Deals for Sunrise Desert Safari!

–      Deals starting at just AED 450 per person for sunrise desert safari include; you will be provided a pick up service from your residence or hotel in either Dubai or Sharjah, dune bashing for 45 minutes, sand boarding, unlimited water and cold drinks and sun rise photography! All for the cost of AED 450 per person!

–      More deals for the cost of AED 300 include; a 4×4 air conditioned vehicle that takes you to the desert safari from your location, photo shoot stops at well known locations, dune bashing and morning refreshments like tea / coffee / juices. At the end of the trip you will be dropped back to your residence / hotel.

–      Enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise while dune bashing, camel riding and sand boarding is included in your trip as well! As well as your pick and drop from your location to desert safari and back. All at the price of AED 360 only!

Many people visiting for the first time have hundreds of questions about certain things regarding the trip. Sit back and relax, because we have got you covered! We have the answers to your frequently asked questions!

FAQS about Sunrise Desert Safari

–     How long is the trip for?

The trip to sunrise desert safari is about 4 hours long, but the activities will definitely make your 4 hours worthwhile!

–     Is there any health risk for people visiting?

Absolutely not, every activity is planned very safely especially quad biking / ATVS. However, pregnant women and people who have back problems are advised not to visit due to the uneven texture of sand.

–     What should you carry to the desert safari?

You are advised to carry sunglasses, joggers, hats, and wear light clothing. You will not be allowed to carry heavy luggage like large bags to the desert safari.

–      What are the timings of the sunrise desert safari?

You will be received by the driver in between 4:00am to 4:30 am and your departure from the desert safari will be around 8:00am to 8:30 am.

–      Can I be received by driver at the airport?

Airport pick and drops are not included in the package; however, you will be provided transport from your residence or any hotel.

    We hope this clears up things for you and encourages you to book your trip to sunrise desert safari right now, or someone else might beat you to it!